Success Stories

Before you view these before and after pictures and the success stories you should understand what you are looking at.

 (1.)  These pictures are after only one visit unless stated otherwise.
 (2.)  There has been no streching.

 (3.)  The directions to the patient in both pictures is "Breath in, breath out and let your body slump."Even though it looks like the patients are standing at attention in the post picture they are actually slumping .(buy the way try following those instructions by a mirror. Beleive it or not your not supposed to change when you relax. How much do you slump?

 (4.)  Most of these profesional golfers receive chiropractic care weekly all over the country and the world.(chiropractic care is so important that the rules actually state that there must be a chiropractor on site.)We are proud of the fact that so many feel that the care they receive here is much superior to what they have had at other tournaments and take the time to write it down.

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